When I bought the house in 2009, there was a pond with a rusty iron grate. There was very little in it, just mud and leaves. That Xmas the kids reported something big moving in the mud. I didnt really think it was anything. The following Spring I had the pond cleaned out and discovered 2 carp, one nearly 2’6″ long and another a little under 2′. They had been there many years, survivors. I moved them to a new pond, but didnt cover it with a grate; I wanted to see the carp and a few additional goldfish the kids added. Unfortunately 5 years later the heron saw them too. The heron cleaned out all the fish in the pond. In 2018, I heard about a company that made and delivered made to measure pond grates – with style. It was measured and delivered promptly and the design is simple, very elegant, with a high quality look and all well executed. 3 months later I discovered there were 3-4 goldfish still alive hiding in the rocks now brave enough to swim around. They have become 30-40 now. 2 years on, the grate still looks brand new and allows me to guard my fish with care. This lockdown year, I have had a few visits from the heron in the middle of Zoom calls. He usually lands in the garden, looks resignedly at the grate and then flies off. I think the grate is worth every penny I spent on it.

Iain MacKinnon

Mr David Mann

‘Child safe spiderweb’

Shaun recently designed, fabricated and installed a custom spider web pond cover for my pond to comply with Ofsted regulations for my wife’s child minding business.The finished product is fantastic and Shaun kept us updated with the progress throughout. If you’re looking for a high quality professional finish I’d highly recommend Elite Pond Covers.


Mr David Mann

Mrs Katie Balderson

‘Child safe spiderweb’

Having moved house and inherited a pond I was keen to make it safe for my two young children as soon as possible. Shaun responded quickly to my initial enquiry and listened carefully to my requirements. His design experience was first rate and the finished product looks beautiful. In addition to a safe pond we now have a great piece of artwork in our garden – a real talking point for visitors. I would not hesitate to recommend Shaun to any potential clients.


Mrs Katie Balderson

Mrs L Paige

‘saggy spiderweb’

I live in a fairly rural area and have many four legged visitors to my garden and with a pond containing brightly coloured fish I have frequent visits from the local heron. Having spent a huge amount of money constructing a new pond, designed to keep the heron at bay, I knew the local wildlife, my 4 cats and those of my neighbours would not be protected from the hypnotic tug of the fish pond.

I’ve used plastic netting for many years and my cats have worked out how to walk across it, the heron has found a way of poking his beak through it and this time I wanted to be sure that the fish and the pond was secure from temptation of all the local wildlife.

Shaun was the first and only pond cover expert I contacted. He very swiftly convinced me he understood exactly what I needed for protection and what was required. The service he offered was bespoke to my needs and was offered with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Shaun arrived early one frosty Saturday morning, just before Christmas, with a huge smile on his face. He had beautifully constructed the most intricate spider’s web pond cover and I adore it.

I can highly recommend the individual service Shaun is offering. He is imaginative and creative, with a superb product, excellent value for money, offering an entirely original cover designed to suit your specific requirements.


Mrs L Paige

Ian and Nicky Write

‘Koi at the lakes’

Dear Shaun Many thanks for making the long trip in the rain on Sunday. The cover looks absolutely brilliant and we couldn’t be more happy. It means we can now relax and enjoy the pond and fish in safety. The quality and finish of the cover is first class and we are looking forward to your price for the front gate to match the spectacular pond cover. All we need now is the sun to shine and we will get some pictures taken and send them to you. Many thanks Ian and Nicky Wright


Ian and Nicky Write

Mrs Barbara Nixon

‘Frog design Pond Cover’

Hi Shaun.

Thank you for designing a cover so well to fit my odd shaped pond. I am delighted with it. The quality is clearly really good so I feel confident it will last and it looks better than I had hoped. I can relax that the pond is safe but without spoiling how it looks. It actually enhances the garden; my husband says it gives it a ‘Kew Gardens’ look! I like the frog sculpture very much as it has always been a great pond for frogs. The access panel is a good size and easy to open. This means that I can clear weed out easily and plant new plants. It looks lovely already but I am sure that it will improve as the plants grow through it. It is an attractive and permanent answer to pond safety.

Thank you and best wishes



Mrs Barbara Nixon

Mr Danny Dartnaill

‘Koi design Pond Cover’


Just to say a big thank you for the pond cover which you installed this week. We really felt that we worked with you on this project, right from conception, through the design phases up until installation. You also kept us informed of progress all the way through.

The attention to detail is fantastic, particularly the artwork which is incorporated, turning what could be a chunky metal box into something to be admired. Importantly for us the strength of the cover is such that we now feel confident in allowing our children into the garden unsupervised.


Mr Danny Dartnaill

Mrs Carol A Dunphy

‘Wisteria’ Design – Wrought Iron Pond Cover

This letter is to thank you for the very beautiful pond cover you’ve finished and installed today. Your care and attention to every detail of the design and build of the wrought iron pond cover has been exemplary.

It was an extra kindness from you to deal with our wrought iron side gate – both the pond and the gate will be admired for a long time to come.

It has been so good to deal with such a polite, sincere young man and my husband and I wish you much success for the future and, should the occasion arise, we would be more than pleased to recommend your very talented work to any possible client.

Sincere best wishes and with many thanks,


Cyril and Veronica Bradbury

The pond cover you made and installed is just wonderful and gives me back a freedom that disappeared once the grandchildren were on the scene.

Not only is it safe for them to wander outside without me behind them but it looks absolutely fantastic, especially with the majestic dragonfly sitting aloft.

You didn’t know it at the time but when you came to install it, it was my birthday. When the two parts of the cover slipped perfectly over that very irregular pond shape it was the best birthday gift ever!!

We are all delighted with it.  The family thought it might look too heavy but they love it too.  So glad we took your advice and had the fish shapes incorporated into the design.

Thank you very much indeed for doing such a professional job with cheerfulness and a willingness to go back to the drawing board if necessary.  So rare these days to get such good service.  The cover is worth every penny and what’s more the fish love it!!!  The herons, well, they are angry!

Our very best wishes to you,

Cyril and Veronica

close up of the dragonfly sculpture sitting on the pond coverAerial view of the pond

Cyril and Veronica Bradbury

Alice and Mike Barton

I was delighted to learn that Shaun McPherson has been nominated for a “celebrating success” award by the princes trust.

Shaun has recently completed a large pond cover for us and we are delighted with the result.  We have found Shaun to be enthusiastic, highly motivated and creative. He works extremely hard to ensure he meets his client’s needs and his completion deadlines, which I know was extremely challenging during our project due to the need to relocate his workshop with minimal notice. He therefore clearly has the capacity and determination to adapt to unforeseen challenges in running a small business.

The work that Shaun produces is totally original, and unique, its really amazing to see that someone can be so creative with metal work, whilst also ensuring that it is a product first and foremost for child safety.

I therefore have no hesitation in endorsing Shaun’s nomination for this award, although his business is small scale at the moment, I have no doubt that with such original and quality workmanship, combined with Shaun’s sincerity and integrity it will go on to become a great success.

We certainly wish him every success for the future.



Alice and Mike Barton

Pat and Chris Angell

Thank you for the Steel Pond Cover and the Dragonfly Sculpture delivered during 2012.  We are delighted with both and wish to thank you for so successfully meeting our specific requirements in producing a cover that protects against children falling into our pond and cats or herons catching our fish whilst being highly decorative.  The two goldfish motifs have drawn much favourable comment as has the accompanying Dragonfly Sculpture.

It has been a pleasure working with you to complete our pond makeover.

front viewdragonfly view


Pat and Chris Angell

Wendy Hazell

Shaun McPherson made me a beautiful pond cover which was needed to ensure i could child-mind from our new house.

We had to ask Shaun to make it by a set date , and he did just that . We were and are extremely happy with all aspects of the service and goods he has made for us . Our beautiful pond cover is not only safe but a piece of art too. My husband and i would strongly recommend Shaun for any bespoke pond covers , and we would be happy for him to show ours masterpiece to prospective customers

child safe wendys cover6

Wendy Hazell

Brian Phillips OBE

After looking at the alternatives available I approached Shaun to construct a cover following the birth of my grandson as we wanted to ensure that he would be safe in the garden.

I was impressed by the work displayed on Shaun’s website, however the cover that he has produced is beyond my expectations. The cover is terrific, it enhances the look of the pond and allows my family to enjoy it and the wildlife. It is a visually pleasing solution to the problem of ensuring child safety.

We were so pleased with the results that we asked Shaun to sculpt a separate dragon fly for us, we are as impressed and pleased with the finished item as we are with the pond cover.

Shaun is a pleasure to do business with, he produces excellent bespoke work that he is justifiably proud of and I would have no hesitation recommending him. Thanks again Shaun!

BrianChild safe pond coverPond cover

Brian Phillips OBE

Mr P Cecchi

We have had an ongoing problem with herons for many years, as soon as the fish went in one would appear and clear them out. We had tried the fake heron, bits of wire threaded around the perimeter and finally a rather ugly net that covered the whole pond. Nothing really worked o for the last 10 years we didn’t bother replacing the fish and just had frogs, newts etc.

We have a fairly large pond in the middle of our garden and with the arrival of a new granddaughter we thought we had better cover the pond to stop her falling in. Whilst we were at it we thought we may as well get one that is fairly substantial and also heron proof. A quick search on Google gave us the contact details of Shaun and Elite Covers. We gave him a call and email him a few photos of the pond to give a better idea of what we needed. The next week Shaun came over and we had a long chat about what he could offer. It soon became apparent that Shaun takes great pride in his work, he was very thorough in explaining how he would design and build the cover, the material he would use and what he thought would be best for our needs.

Shaun is not only a welder he is also an accomplished artist and regards each of his covers as an individual ‘work of art’. It had to be practical, do the job but also look good. He went to great lengths to explain what he thought would look best for our pond and also offer the greatest protection from the heron and also be strong enough to support anyone falling on it. We went over different designs from a portfolio of photos he had with him and discussed the need for a service hatch. We were not keen on having one however it was recommended for ease of use to have one installed (we are very grateful that we did). Next he took a template of the pond and that was that.

Some time later the cover arrived- it was worth every penny. The craftsmanship and finish is exceptional, it fits the pond like a glove (we have an irregular shaped pond). Not only does Shaun construct the cover he also comes to fit it and make sure everything is as he promised.

In short if you want a pond cover that will keep the heron from your fish, stop children (or adults) falling in and also look very good Shaun is your man. He is professional, polite, courteous, reliable and above all an artist – I would not hesitate to use or recommend him to anyone.

Regards Paul

Mr P Cecchi

Mrs C Randall

Thank you very much for designing, manufacturing and fitting our pond cover, we are so pleased with it. We ummed and ahhed for such a long time about a cover solution for our pond as we had many criteria we wanted to meet. We needed it to be completely child proof but wanted the fish to be able to jump, frogs to get in and out, sufficient light to get through for the plants to grow, us to be able to see into the pond and of course for it to be aesthetically pleasing. We really thought we were going to have to compromise on at least one of these aspects until we found Elite Pond Covers. Looking at the impressive photo gallery, we soon realised that we could have everything we were looking for. The service we received was really professional and the finished article is better than we even hoped.”

Kind regards,


Mrs C Randall

Mrs F Brock

When we moved into a new house with a large pond, our first priority was to make it safe for our 4-year old son. Searching on the web revealed that there were very few (if any) attractive pond covers available, and Elite Pond Covers’ website stood out. After discussing our requirements and approximate costs with Shaun by email, he visited us to see the pond and take measurements. On meeting Shaun, it became clear that he is a craftsman who takes great pride in his work. Our pond is large, and with some unconventional arrangements for the filter and UV light, but after discussing designs Shaun proposed a plan for a cover which would not only make the pond safe for children and heron-proof, but would also allow us to view the integrated koi carp design from our house. Several weeks later, and on schedule, Shaun delivered and installed our new pond cover. We’re very pleased with it, and it has received lots of positive comments from visitors. We’re now much more relaxed when our son plays near the pond – he enjoys feeding the fish from above while standing on the cover! – and we also have our own unique piece of artwork in the garden.

Best wishes, Fiona

Mrs F Brock

Mr Alick Glass

Shaun’s initial commission from us was to make a protective cover for our fishpond. What he produced was not just functional, but a much admired work of art. A dragonfly and a frog sculpture subsequently commissioned were brilliantly executed and diligently delivered to meet the tight deadline we set. Shaun’s expertise has added glamour to our garden. He is a reliable, efficient and talented artisan.

Alick Glass.

Mr Alick Glass

Mr P Wickham

“We needed to protect our grandsons from the pond. Shaun designed a really attractive and practical solution which he made with great skill and attention to detail. There is a “wow” reaction from everyone who sees it and the grandchildren are safe! Shaun provides an excellent product and service.”

All the best


Mr + Mrs Manalo

“My wife and I did a lot of research on pond covers in anticipation of our son turning one and starting to run around our garden. Safety for our son, protection for our koi from herons and having something aesthetically pleasing in our garden were our primary considerations. I was initially impressed with the durable quality of the Elite Pond Cover products and we were swayed by pictures online of babies sitting on Shaun’s pond covers.

From our first point of contact until the final installation, Shaun was very professional, detail-oriented and trustworthy. His timing estimates were realistic and he committed to them without fail. We could not be happier with the beautiful end product: the access panels, the koi feature and the four corners where we needed plant fittings were completed to perfection. We needed space for our waterfall and asked for the cover to not “stick up” – Shaun ensured that these requests were addressed and ensured that the cover fit flush with our pond’s border throughout, while giving way for the waterfall. Shaun, you are a great artist and craftsman. Thank you for the cover and, most importantly, for giving me and my wife peace of mind when it comes to pond safety for our friends and family.”

Mr + Mrs Manalo - Child safe pond cover

Mr + Mrs Sullivan

Hi Shaun

I just wanted to let you know personally how much I love the pond cover you made for us…..it is amazing. When the sun is shining it picks up the light, when it is raining the droplets look quite beautiful….I just think you have made a pretty boring pond into a fab feature that just makes the whole patio/fishpond look stunning…..magazine style! Thank you so much. Lesley . (Tanglewood)

Mr + Mrs Sullivan

Mrs P Sandford – Child and heron safe pond cover

Hi Shaun,

We’re fine, and just loving the pond cover more and more (and were pretty happy with it right from the start!). The birds and frogs have found their way through into the pond, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve been mulling over a testimonial for you. Will this do?

“We are delighted with the pond cover Shaun installed last month, it’s not only safe and strong but a beautiful addition to the garden. The pond is for wildlife and the garden is very natural (= almost overgrown) so we wanted something that wouldn’t look too formal; that’s irrelevant now it’s here, it just looks beautiful and ties the whole garden together. Originally we had been concerned that a pond cover would obstruct our enjoyment of the pond, but this one has enhanced it, with different shadows and reflections, as well as providing a whole new set of perches for the birds.

Shaun took the time to understand exactly what we wanted, redesigned his Saggy Spider’s Web so it fitted the non-standard shape of our pond, made sure there was room for birds and frogs to get through, kept us up to date with progress, and gave us plenty notice when it was nearing completion. It fitted perfectly at once. It enhances the garden, adding height but not intruding, and we have peace of mind that when any children visit it’s always there to protect them. The heron that used to visit occasionally heron is probably very frustrated as our newts are protected too, but everyone else thinks it’s great. It’s extremely well made, the finish is excellent, the engineering and design are impeccable, and it’s worth every penny.

It’s been much admired as an architectural feature in its own right, as an artwork in our garden, as a beautiful piece of work, and other compliments. Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to produce something so beautiful”.

Mrs P Sandford - Child and heron safe pond cover

Mrs Katy Hughes

Hi Shaun,

The arrival of two children in our life meant that we needed to find a solution to making our somewhat dangerous open pond child friendly and safe. Elite ponds seemed to offer what we needed. Shaun was extremely accommodating in designing the perfect cover for us; one which would prevent children getting in but that could be fully opened to allow for maintenance access. The end result is brilliant and we are proud to have the pond cover not only as a functional object but also as a piece of art in the garden. The beautiful koi design makes us smile every morning! and for me as a mum its great to know that my children are safe when playing in the garden and near the pond. Shaun was professional and efficient, visiting us several times prior to installation and he is clearly a man who cares deeply about his work. Thank you Shaun….now we are saving up for a piece of your sculpture!

Mrs Katy Hughes