PLEASE NOTE: Due to the processes involved in building our steel pond covers we have a minimum price of £500 but the average pond cover costs in excess of £1000. Prices can be brought down if you wish to proved drawings/dimensions and or templates. Each cover is made from the highest quality steel and coated with the most durable corrosion preventive processes. They are built to last so at times take slightly longer than other cheaper options (on average 3 months) and will not EVER be the cheapest option but will ALWAYS be among the best. Every job we take on is made to the same high standards whether big or small, decorative or plain. THANK YOU

Due to the bespoke nature of our pond covers and other commissions, such as decorative guard rails, balustrades, security gates and other wrought iron work, we will need a brief description of the job so that we can provide the closest estimate possible.


  1. Where in the country are you based?
  2. Is the cover for safety of children, animals or both.
  3. Size eg: Longest and widest measurements. Shape eg: Kidney, round, rectangle, square.
  4. Surround eg: Flat paving, uneven rockery, pebbles, grass.
  5. Are there any features in or around the pond such as waterfalls, fountains or rocks.
  6. Would you like the design to be decorative or plain?  

For any other wrought iron work please provide rough dimensions of the area you would like the work to be done and if you have an idea of the design you’d like eg: decorative guard rail, front door security gate, side gate with leaves and vine design. We will then contact you at the email address provided.

Thank you for you time and interest in our products, we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Shaun McPherson