Pond covers

At Elite Pond Covers every commission I take on is made to the same high standards. Whether non decorative or a beautifully artistic pond cover, if its to keep children safe or protecting your fish form predators such as herons, otter, foxes etc. I even have a pond cover to keep your dog or cat out of your pond.  Every cover is completely bespoke and made from the highest quality steel right here in the UK at my workshop in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

I are extremely proud that Elite Pond Covers is recognised as one of the leading pond cover suppliers in the world and work extremely hard to maintain the highest possible reputation. For this reason we have commissions from all over the UK and have produced work for international clients too.

I make every piece of artwork that goes into my covers I have invested hours of practice to make sure each piece of sculpture whether flat or three dimensional is made to the same high quality, I want to makes sure that every feature made is not just good enough to put on your pond but good to put on show on your living room wall!

Elite Pond Covers was started because I want to do everything to the highest possible standards so when I was asked to make a frame for my father in-laws pond so he could secure a net to it making the pond safe, I wasn’t happy. I wanted to make something that would be safe, last a long time and be beautiful. I believe that is whats helped build my reputation and is what keeps my customers happy time and time again. You only have to look at my testimonials to see how much I care about what I do