Horse Sculpture

Eternal horse sculpture made in the image of your beloved horse

Horses are one of the most loved companion animals, they’ve been human companions for thousands of years and have helped us in so many ways from agriculture to transport and todays riders are as passionate about these majestic creatures as they were in the wild west.

I grew up around horses, we didn’t have a lot but somehow we managed to keep horses and I loved it! I grew up on small holdings for the most part of my childhood and there was more often than not a horse or two around. I would wake up early in the morning and go down to the stables to see the horses or I just go out into the paddock and watch them. They’re magical animals and I feel so blessed that even though I had humble beginnings I got to spend so much time around them.

As my experience in creating steel sculptures has grown my so has my desire to create a horse sculpture. I thought about it constantly, trying to figure out how I could make a medium sized sculpture out of the scrap that collected. I knew in my mind that if I could create an amazing horse sculpture it would prove that I can create high end realist sculptures. The only trouble with that was I haven’t had much time to create anything in my spare time, let alone a horse!

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