Garden pond safety

How to make a garden pond safe for children

When it comes to children there is little more worrying than open water. Unfortunately we cannot watch our children 100% of the time and there might be times where they slip out of sight and wonder into the garden from an open door. I know because it happened to me and there was an unprotected pond and someone left the door open and my little boy wondered outside when nobody was watching. My heart sank when I saw the door open but luckily he was fine and decided to wonder to the garage not the pond. It might not be you that that left the door open but young children are magnets to anything dangerous and they go straight for the water. Making the pond in the garden safe is very important and although covering the pond can be expensive or hard work. Keeping our little ones safe has to be the top priority.

Garden pond safety has unintentionally become my specialty. Having two small children I know 110% how important pond safety is and I’m very happy to be creating beautiful pieces of practical art that keep the children safe and enhance the beauty of the garden. Over the years I have worked hard to improve the safety aspects of my covers. All my covers are made from high quality mild or stainless steel. They are galvanised or powder coated to the highest standard to ensure that they last as long as possible. All my garden pond safety covers are designed and guaranteed to take at least 50kg and will usually take the weight of a grown adult of around 80kg unless specified during the consultation. I have to walk on them to test the strength. All my welds are completed and no gaps are left. I weld all around the joins to give maximum strength. It also prevents holes where paint cannot penetrate so the paint lasts even longer.