Access panels can be incorporated or the cover can be hinged so you can easily tend to your pond.  During the final quote you can discuss everything you wish your pond cover to do.  If that means we have to create something new, then we welcome it.


No.   We can create anything that is functional and artistic, from sculpture to fire guards, and enjoy nothing more than a new challenge. 


Most of our pond covers are made using mild steel bright bar and copper wash welded mesh.  If specially requested, stainless steel can be used.

Customers can choose from 3 methods;
If you would like the product powder coated in a black finish, the painters will apply a zinc layer below the powder coat and will the finish it with a nylon covering.
Your product can be galvanised.
Your product can be made using stainless steel.

Elite Pond Covers travels nationwide to quote and install pond covers.  Expenses for travel will be included in the final quote.