ELITE POND COVERS bringing beauty and practicality to your garden and home. We fabricate high quality artistic steel pond safety covers that will keep your children safe from the water and protect your fish from herons and other predators.

Having fabricated many pond safety covers and other bespoke commisions, we bring years of experience and know how to each client’s unique needs and tastes. Our clients, who do not want to sacrifice the beauty of their ponds and gardens, come to us seeking child pond safety and a deterrent against pesty herons and other koi predators. Elite pond covers are unique for their success in satisfying all of these demands

We are proud to be a Prince’s Trust supported business and only offer the best possible products to our customers. We have worked extremely hard to find and build relationships with reputable, reliable companies so that our customers can rely on us to provide them with the highest quality goods. Elite Pond Covers owner, steel sculptor Shaun McPherson, uses his years of fabrication experience and love of art to design covers that are not only functional, architectural structures, but steel sculptures that work for you to enhance and compliment the area they are in.